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You Must Protect Your Rights In Landlord-Tenant Cases – Too Much Is At Stake

Landlord-tenant issues can be stressful, regardless of which side you are on. Tenants are fighting for safe, stable homes while landlords are protecting their livelihoods. It helps to have a lawyer who understands both sides of the issue.

Attorney Heath L. Sabin has represented people on each side of landlord-tenant disputes, so he knows how to counter the tactics the opposition is likely to use. If you have landlord-tenant needs in Martinsville or greater Henry County, call Sabin Law Office, PC, at 276-226-4356 or contact the firm online.

You Need An Attorney Who Understands The Complexities Of Landlord-Tenant Law

Even when a case seems straightforward, there may be hidden pitfalls that are not apparent to the layperson. Attorney Sabin knows that there are many moving pieces in these cases and he takes steps to proactively address them.

Mr. Sabin can help landlords or tenants with the following matters:

  • Eviction
  • Lease issues
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Discrimination
  • Failure to make repairs
  • Rental property is uninhabitable
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Damage to the property
  • Wrongful use of the property
  • No reasonable access to the property

Don’t take chances on losing your home or rental income. Learn how Sabin Law Office, PC, can provide help today.

Serving Southside Virginia Landlords And Tenants

These disputes are stressful, so don’t put them off any longer. It is better to get started or the issue will likely only get worse. Speak with Mr. Sabin today by calling him at 276-226-4356 or contacting him online. He will be in touch with you promptly.