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Experienced Child Custody And Child Support Help In Virginia

In custody matters, Virginia courts will always consider the best interests of the children. While this term is vague, it refers to the ability of the parents to care for their kids physically, financially and emotionally. The custody agreement, parenting plan, visitation schedule and child support payments will all be determined by your role as a parent.

There are three primary types of custody:

  1. Full custody – When the child lives with a parent full-time and that parent is responsible for parental decisions
  2. Physical custody – The primary home where the child will live
  3. Joint legal custody – When a parent has a decision-making role in the child’s upbringing, even if the child is not under their physical custody

While custody is often the most contested decision in co-parenting, there are many other legal issues to determine:

  • Visitation schedules
  • Parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Relocation and modifications

Defending You And Helping Your Case

Sabin Law Office, PC, is a Martinsville firm with a lawyer who is dedicated to giving personal, custom counsel in any child custody or child support situation. It is a small law firm where your voice will be heard, and you’ll get one-on-one service that’s focused on resolving your issues.

Heath L. Sabin is an experienced attorney who understands Virginia law. With more than a decade working with the local courts, he has a thorough understanding of the process and knows how to work with disagreeing parties to reach common ground for their children.

Mr. Sabin is active in the Henry County community. In addition to providing legal services, he can connect you with resources to improve your case and your standing in the court through options like parenting classes, substance abuse treatment and other factors that may affect your custody hearing.

Helping You Navigate The Legal System

The legal system can be intimidating. Mr. Sabin is here to guide you through the process and to explain the many steps along the way.

When you work with him, he will listen to your concerns and work for the benefit of your children. To learn more about his family law practice, call the office at 276-226-4356 or send an email to schedule an appointment with a lawyer today.