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A Proactive Divorce Lawyer Can Make A Difference

There are many unanswered questions when you’re considering divorce. The fact is that all divorces are different, and there is no universal guide to get you through the process. Whether you’re seeking an amicable, uncontested divorce or facing challenges, an attorney can help you navigate the legal field while finding a workable resolution for your individual situation.

Different Plans For Different People

Sabin Law Office, PC, is a small local firm with an attorney who is dedicated to helping people who need Virginia family law counsel. Depending on where you are in life – if you’re a young family, a childless couple or nearing retirement – attorney Heath L. Sabin will work with you to explain the legal process and help you make the right decisions for your children, property division and other matters.

Mr. Sabin is a hands-on lawyer who works directly with his clients to make sure they are getting strong representation that upholds their rights and interests. Divorce or separation is a stressful time, and you need someone who will lead you through the process. He will give you honest feedback and direction to help you reach resolution on a contested divorce, a parenting plan, custody decisions and visitation, child support and spousal support.

Your Legal Compass Through Divorce

Every family law case is unique with different personalities, assets and family dynamics. It’s important that you work with a lawyer you can trust and one who considers your needs. As a Martinsville divorce lawyer with nearly 15 years of experience, Mr. Sabin understands the challenges you’re going through. He’ll work with you to file petitions in a cost-effective and timely manner, looking out for your needs as the divorce process develops.

To speak with an experienced attorney in Henry County, call 276-226-4356. Mr. Sabin offers flexible appointments to meet your needs, and he is available by email. At his firm, you will receive personal guidance for your unique situation.