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Family Law Attorney Effective In Post-Divorce Modifications

Nearly everything in life changes. And that includes divorce settlements. Once the divorce papers are signed, child or spousal support agreed upon and marital assets divided, you may think matters have concluded. But when situations in your life change, so may the details in your divorce decree. A post-divorce modification may be in order.

What kind of changes? A significant boost in income can trigger changes in your divorce decree. So can a job loss or remarriage. These are just a few examples, and that’s why you need a knowledgeable family law attorney. The Sabin Law Office, PC, in Martinsville, Virginia, understands family law. Mr. Sabin will fight to protect your rights and secure what you deserve by enforcing what the courts ordered, or revising what the judge has put in place.

Reasons For Divorce Settlement Revisions

As an experienced litigator, Mr. Sabin will advocate for you inside and outside the courtroom. This includes seeking modifications to a divorce settlement. Your current family law court order may be out-of-date, and the result can put a financial pinch on your family or even limit the time you spend with your children.

A personable attorney and problem solver, Mr. Sabin will listen to your concerns and pursue the available legal options. Your divorce settlement may be ready for revisions for reasons that include:

  • A boost in income or large inheritance: If your former spouse receives a significant pay hike or family inheritance, you as the custodial parent may obtain more money for child support.
  • A decrease in income: If one parent loses a job and cannot pay child support, we will look into a temporary decrease in child support payments.
  • A remarriage: When a parent remarries and has additional children, it’s time to consider revisions that may relate to child custody.
  • Changes related to your child’s needs: Higher health care and education costs may prompt you to pursue a modification.

Modifications in a divorce plan may be temporary or permanent. Mr. Sabin will guide you through the process and help determine the best options.

A Compassionate, Knowledgeable Attorney; Call Us Today

A divorce plan can evolve, especially when life changes occur. In such situations, an effective lawyer is crucial. A revised divorce settlement may lead to increases in child support and alimony. The Sabin Law Office, PC, in Martinsville, Virginia, has the know-how, compassion and determination to help. Contact Mr. Sabin through the online form or call 276-226-4356.